XL Two Gallon Trees
- Large trees with fully established roots.
Trees arrive at your door in pots, never bare root.
- Often set fruit the first or second year.
Highest quality commercially viable trees available.
- Delivered to your door via UPS.
Professional packaging and bi-weekly shipping.
- All trees are species specific.
Most trees are grafted or air layered for superior fruit production. This ensures species & specific variety.
- Landscapers and Homeowners
Now you can now enjoy browsing the finest selection of rare and unusual fruit trees from your home or office.
 As shown above, most 2 gallon tropical fruit trees ship to your door at 3-4 foot tall in overall height and up to 3/4 inch in trunk diameter. Occasionally minor trimming is required before shipping. L to R Mango Ice Cream, Wax Jamboo, Araca Boi, Coffea Arabica, Brazilian Cherry, Guava Thai White. You can order with confidence, our experienced growers have been propagating tropical fruit trees since 1972.
Porch or Patio   -   Home or Office
 about mango ice cream trees - Ice Cream is a very popular “condo mango.” The tree can easily be maintained at a height of just six feet making it ideal for container growing. Although the fruit is not exactly dessert to the eyes the flavor is sweet, rich, and reminiscent of mango sorbet. Mangos normally reach maturity in 4 to 5 months from flowering. When the mango is full-grown and ready for picking, the stem will snap easily with a slight pull. The mango tree is not too particular as to soil type, providing it has good drainage.
 location -  Mango Ice Cream Trees can be grown in all 50 states simply by bringing indoors before temps drop below 40 degrees and providing lots of light. Most tropical fruit trees like Mango Ice Cream Trees are very fast growing and easier to maintain than domestic fruit trees. Below are a few brief tips for successful growth both indoors and out.
 planting in ground - Mango Ice Cream Trees are fast growing and require space to stretch out, so plant your rows on 18 foot centers or for individual trees choose a location at least 10 feet from other trees or shrubs.

 planting in pot - Mango Ice Cream Trees grow very well in containers as long as you provide an adequate size pot for root development. Select a pot 18-24 plus inches in diameter and 20 plus inches in height, with adequate drain holes. Glazed pots require far less watering than raw terracotta pots due to their porous nature.

 soil - A well draining soil is of primary importance as Mango Ice Cream Trees roots do not like to be wet and will rot if allowed to sit in water for extended periods. A mixture of soil, sand and perlite is highly recommended for proper drainage.

 indoor light - A bright and sunny solarium or window location with a more southern exposure is best for growth and fruit production. Many customers have reported harvesting fruit from trees that live in home and patio environments.

 outdoor light - Mango Ice Cream Trees prefer bright light and direct sun. If possible 12 hours of bright sun light is best for growth and fruit production though we have gotten remarkable results growing these trees in 30% shade year round.

 water - When watering Mango Ice Cream Trees make sure to lightly soak the soil and then do not water again until the top 2 inches are dry. Depending on light conditions, location and foliage watering may be required weekly or daily. Be sure to not over water,  mucky soil will almost always cause decay and ultimately kill the tree.

 fertilizer - It is recommended that you fertilize at the same time as you water using a time released fertilizer 8-3-9 or similar to help your Mango Ice Cream Trees grow and produce a substantial crop. These trees are moderate feeders and may require multiple feeding during the growing season. It is important to follow the fertilizers labeled instructions as to not burn or kill the tree.
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