Acalypha (colorful foliage shrub)
Agapanthus (globe flower)
Agave (century plant)
Aloe (vera to thee aloe)
Angel Trumpet (brugmansia)
Azalea (cold hardy flowering shrub)
Bamboo (zone 4-10 clumping & running)
Bananas (fruiting and ornamental)
Bird of Paradise (orange, white and leafless)
Blackberries (jumbo and thornless)
Blueberries Northern (zone 4-8)
Blueberries Southern (zone 6-10)
Buddleia (butterfly bush)
Cactus (all forms)
Camellia (9" deep pots)
Camellia XL (full 2g)
Crown of Thorns (milii and thai giant)
Desert Rose (drought tollerant)
Dragon Fruit (seven colors)
Elderberry (southern and northern)
Elephant Ears (cold hardy and tropical)
Fig Trees (new striped varieties)
Fruit Trees (apples, peaches, pears etc.)
Fruit Trees Tropical (200 varieties)
Gardenia (cold hardy)
Ginger (all zone 5-11)
Goji Berries (male and female)
Hawaiian Ti (colorful for cut foliage)
Helleborus (perennial)
Herbs and Spices (cinnamon, pepper, bay etc.)
Heuchera (perennial)
Hibiscus (cold hardy varieties)
Hosta (nine inch deep pots)
Hosta Deals (2 for 1 and overstock)
Hosta Wholesale (32 cell trays)
Hosta XL (six inch and larger)
Hydrangea (mop head blooms)
Kalanchoe (life plant)
Kiwi (cold hardy)
Lantana (flowering shrub)
Very Large Blooms (200 of our best)
Louisiana Iris (water iris)
Mulberry Trees (red, white and black)
Mussaenda (giant blooms)
Nut Trees (almond, hickory etc.)
Olive Trees (northern and southern)
Pachypodium (madagascar palm)
Palm Trees (cold hardy and tropical)
Parlor Maple (large pendant blooms)
Perennials and More (100 flowering and foliage)
Pineapple (sweet, striped and brazilian)
Plumeria Frangipani (lei flower)
Pomegranate (red and white varieties)
Raspberries (red, gold, purple)
Rose of Sharon (horthern hibiscus)
Sanchezia (colorful foliage shrub)
Sansevieria (mother in law plant)
Shrubs Flowering (100 of our best)
Specials (bogo, sales and package deals)
Strawberries (jumbo varieties)
Succulents (all types)
Sugarcane (juicing, commercial and ornamental)
Tea Plants (camellia, hibiscus and more)
Trees Privacy (dense foliage and pine)
Trees Shade (magnolia, ginkgo and more)
Yucca (tree and striped varieties)
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